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Bird Songs International BV was founded in the Netherlands in 1996. It was formed by Sjoerd Mayer and Bernard Geling to publish Sjoerd's CD-ROM Bird Sounds of Bolivia / Sonidos de Aves de Bolivia 1.0. Heartened by its good reception, we continued to publish Birds of Tropical Asia by Jelle Scharringa and its successors Birds of Tropical Asia 2 and Birds of Tropical Asia 3, Peter Boesman's Birds of Venezuela / Aves de Venezuela, the second version of the Bolivia CD-ROM Birds of Bolivia / Aves de Bolivia 2, and Birds of Ecuador / Aves de Ecuador by Niels Krabbe and Jonas Nilsson.

In 2004, Bernard Geling left and started his own shop with bird sounds stuff, sneakily and deceitfully.

Unfortunately I am ill with multiple sclerosis (I'm in a wheelchair, my hands are getting worse, I'm always tired like a dog, and all that. I'd already be in a nursing home by now if it weren't for my brave wife Nieves). The show is (almost) over!

Sjoerd Mayer

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