To Copy Sounds to Minidisc or Audio CD

We were asked so many times how to transfer a playlist to CD or minidisc, that I thought I better put something on the website.

Playlists on the "Birds of Tropical Asia 2" CD-ROM only "play". That is to say, after pressing the "Play!" button the program only lets you listen to a series of recordings. So if you want to copy that sound to a minidisc, you will have to connect the Line Out connector on your soundcard to the Line In connector on your recorder. To put each recording on a new MD track, specifying a few seconds of silence between the recordings may work (this depends on your minidisc recorder).

If you want to make an Audio CD however, you will probably need soundfiles, not just sound. Here the playlist feature is of no help (it will be on a future version, just as it is now on our latest production: the "Birds of Ecuador" DVD-ROM). If you want to assemble the sound files yourself so that you can copy them to an audio CD, you can discover the name of the soundfile "under" each sound with the Sound menu:
- place the sky-blue "cursor" on a soundbar (this enables the "Sound" menu)
- in the Sound menu, choose "Show sound source".

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